Sell More Services: 90 Day Marketing and Sales Transformation

In a challenging market, B2B tech and telecom businesses should be evolving and adapting their sales processes to drive momentum and build an online presence that shows relevancy. Your business shouldn’t be seen to be standing still — it should be demonstrating that it can thrive in challenging times. Building a foundation of trust is vital to ensure prospects feel safe and secure with your organisation.

For example, a start-up in the telecoms space was looking at how it could create a foundation for growth, win new business and increase its number of partners. It wanted to support lead generation activities, educate prospects, build trust in the market and influence audiences to believe in the business and take action to engage.

There was an opportunity to develop the brand, define its story and purpose, then deliver it via its core communications channels. To get started on the right path, it prioritised website development, thought leadership content, sales enablement materials and global communications with a consistent and customer-centric story.

The Challenge

The challenge was to find new ways to get in front of prospects with no events​ happening due to COVID-19, as well as differentiating its offering and being recognised for its customer service. It had to find a way of being trusted as an organisation and ensuring prospects feel they know the company and can believe in it. It needed a fresh, step-by-step approach to take its business to the next level and demonstrate its value in the market. ​

The Solution

The company hired a specialist B2B tech and telecoms agency to develop a 90-day plan, providing a roadmap for success. This started with locking in a unique, purposeful brand, narrative and messaging, as well as creating a destination for customers and prospects with a website optimised with HubSpot. The agency developed a plan for delivering developed sales materials and thought leadership content to populate the site and define who the company was. On top of this, it provided strategy for building momentum through amplifying content, thought leadership, news and milestones via LinkedIn and PR.


In three months, the start-up went from having no marketing person to having an entire marketing department supporting it across all channels. ​It has a website that is a destination that builds trust and enables prospects to engage with the company online. ​It also has an active presence online and in the media, that delivers new touchpoints with a single cohesive brand narrative.

It has a solid foundation to capture leads, increase prospect engagement and win more business. The company can nurture existing customers with a new approach to sales through HubSpot, and ensure they understand its capabilities. It now has the potential to be recognised as a trusted expert and a go-to player in the industry.

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