Using HubSpot to Optimise SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic to gain a higher visibility of ranking in Google search. Today, more people than ever are using Google to find the right products or services for them. According to HubSpot, 18% more shoppers choose Google over Amazon. 136% prefer the search engine to other retail websites and B2B buyers conduct up to 12 searches on average before engaging with a brand.

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. One of their inbound strategies is to help B2B organisations seamlessly and efficiently optimise SEO. SEO is an effective tool for increasing overall brand awareness, reputation management, generating inbound leads and improving the influence of a brand or business. B2B marketers are making SEO a top priority, and we’ve come up with the top ways you can use HubSpot to improve your SEO.

Plan your content strategy and build brand authority

The easiest way to be discovered and ranked in Google search is to organise your content into certain topics. HubSpot’s content strategy tool makes this really simple. You’ll be given topic suggestions based on relevance, competition and popularity of your content already published on your site. You will also get access to monthly search data so you can estimate how many organic traffic gains you get from specific topics. Then, using HubSpot’s content tools you can create clusters of content around these topic areas. Watch your traffic build up over time as you consistently push content out there that your customers and prospects want to see.

When you create a clearly defined content topic, use keyword phrases directly linked to the topic or subtopic you are writing about. Think about including words that your customers or prospects might be searching for if they wanted to learn more about your business. Remember to include your keyword phrase in the title, meta description and the page body. This helps visitors and search engines understand clearly what your page is about.

Get SEO tips in real time with as-you-type advice

When creating blog posts, web pages or landing pages, HubSpot gives you on-page advice about how to optimise and improve your SEO. With a built-in to-do list bar popping up, you’ll never miss an optimisation opportunity again. Hubspot also offers standard SSL, so your website will always provide a safe browsing experience for your customers, and in the long term, improve your search rankings.

Monitor your search traffic and measure real SEO return on investment (ROI)

With HubSpot’s integrated reporting tools you can easily monitor the performance of your content, to identify what is doing well and what isn’t. Measuring each topic cluster’s influence on creating traffic, leads, and even customers, lets you focus your time on the most successful topics. You’ll expand your SEO and increase your ROI. It can also help you track the leads and customers you are gaining from organic search traffic.

Utilising these HubSpot optimisation tools will help you attract more visitors to your site, which can help you convert more leads into prospects and prospects into customers.

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